About the Movement

'Ability for Hire' is designed to deliver information, outreach and resources to businesses, job seekers, and the public workforce system to ensure greater recruiting and hiring opportunities for job candidates with disabilities.

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Our purpose is to better inform, connect and communicate with all stakeholders in the disability and employment system to be a catalyst for a more inclusive workforce.

To accomplish this, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) offers a network and digital hub that provides comprehensive access to qualified job candidates and public resources, allowing employers to effectively find, recruit and retain the best talent. We have deep knowledge of the opportunities that are available to meet businesses' needs and offer a range of business-specific tools that build the case for hiring from this untapped labor pool. Here, we also give job seekers access to the full range of opportunities available to them, from public-employment system resources to private-sector job leads, including job portals where job seekers can become part of a national pool of candidates actively being sought by our network of businesses and the public workforce system.

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