10 Womens Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

Known for its recipes and articles about issues everyday women face, Good Housekeeping has a few ongoing submission topics if you’re looking for ideas. Elle features high fashion, culture, and women’s issues. Check out their editor list here to pitch your story. The magazine has been going in different directions in recent years, so they may have room for both new and experienced writers. In the 10 years since Hormones Matter first launched, we have published over 1400 articles and case stories.


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Ensure that the content is between 800 and 1000 words long and that there is no more than 1% to 3% plagiarism in the external URLs, i.e., the external links you add to your posts on women’s health. With our articles, we want to educate and provide a steady stream of new knowledge concerning important food and nutrition-related concepts. We strive to deliver interesting information on how to maintain a healthy weight, what one needs to eat, and how much it should be consumed for one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are passionate about health and fitness and feel like you have the experience, education, and knowledge to write about such topics, we would love for you to let us know! You can share your thoughts on these topics and share ideas which we will check at our end and give you our feedback. Familiarise yourself with our tone and what’s already been published.

Every piece of editorial must be original, not published elsewhere, and helpful to our audience. You can secure your crucial details, financial possessions, and other possessions by eliminating immoral techniques and dishonesty. You could now apply that information to publish about women’s well-being and other similar subjects. Writer should be able to provide new and updated tips on women health. This article provides complete details on our opportunity to Write for Us Women’s Health and more about the guidelines. Please understand that we cannot guarantee a specific date for publication as published articles are often scheduled according to priorities.

There are many scam sites present in the virtual market. This site saves people from scams by presenting accurate information about online shopping portals. The products we feature are always chosen by editors based on brand standards.

You can also stick your contact details with your file. Pictures can be placed in between the article while writing the women health related article. Today in this blog, we will focus on all the details about our writing opportunity and the requirements to be the writer at our platform. Further, you can share your piece of content through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For more experienced writers it can be hard to get by without compensation for your hard work, but we hope you all know that you do get compensated in other ways. By contributing to our site, you’re building a following and making connections that will likely come with future job opportunities.

We will not accept the usage of any inappropriate or hurtful words. Women’s Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. Jane Greer, PhD, relationship therapist and author of What About Me?

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