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The word limit for the guest post should be between 1000 to 2200 words. Please note that the content should be submitted as a Google Doc via email at Again, include a compelling introduction, key points, takeaway advice, and any links or research you plan to use. You can also submit a complete post, but be aware if it’s accepted that editing is highly likely. Editing is a not a criticism of your work but an opportunity to make sure your voice comes across loud and clear.

The news of the arrival of a baby is usually greeted with much joy and excitement. These are some of the questions moms-to-be find themselves asking. This is also the time to wear comfortable shoes; your guide will be most valuable.

Our readers are looking for writers who can write for us Parenting Magazine and contribute their opinions. Read on to find out how to write for us and pitch a story. When your blog post is published on This -N- That Parenting, you will share it on all of your social media profiles and with your email list. T.W.L (Teach.Workout.Love) is looking for Guest Blogging Contributors! We are looking for working moms who want to share their stories and bloggers who are interested in broadening their blogging audience and writing portfolio.


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Please remember, we love posts that are founded in research, but grounded in daily life. Please donot submit the article elsewhere or publish it on your own site once it has been accepted for publication on AFineParent.Com and you have been paid for it. You are welcome to publish the articles on your site or elsewhere4 weeks after the date of publication on AFineParent.Com. We’ve been doing this for a few months years now, and a pattern is beginning to emerge. By submitting the article you agree that it is an original article written by you and that it has not been published or submitted for consideration to publish elsewhere.

It is, however, essential to support this assertion with reliable data. Demonstrate how your experience can be applied to others. By submitting the article you agree not to resubmit the article to any other site until you hear back the publication decision from us. We can help you boost your website traffic and sales by getting your site in the Top 10 of Google and other search engines. By getting high rankings in search engines, you will start receiving more traffic and more customers from them. We can help you get there by building high quality DA40-DA60 backlinks for you.

We cover a variety of topics related to parenting, but we are also interested in topics related to Baby Care, Baby Products, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and much more. The articles we do publish are all from the categories listed above, although we do not accept every submission. Consider browsing our archives for ideas before starting your writing. Successful Black Parenting is written by parents for parents.

Use spell check and Yoast SEO to help with the editing. As a reminder, no more than 20 words in a sentence – they tend to not pass the readability test. Now you can log in and start promoting your content as a buyer or monetizing your website as a publisher. Or you can stay on the website and continue reading. You verify that any Content you submit is original and created by you. You don’t have to be a blogger to be featured on Beenke.

We are looking for parenting guest posts for our blog and advice section. The guest posts on Parenting Magazine must be related to parenting or motherhood. There are no restrictions on where you can blog from. You are not required to have a website to submit a guest post. But we are selective about what kind of posts we accept. It is our aim to publish the best articles on the web, and only the best submissions will be considered.

On the plus side, the fetus can survive with the right medical care if born prematurely from the 24th week. During the 2nd trimester, a scan can tell the sex of the baby, and the woman can feel the movement and kicks of the fetus. The fetus also develops a sleep pattern that may not be in sync with the mother. At this time, stretch marks will begin to appear on the breast and stomach of the woman, and she begins to put on weight. This can be quite disconcerting for the mom-to-be. Becoming a mom typically comes with a lot of lifestyle changes.

Freelance writers are welcome to share their takes. When you share posts you think will be useful to our readers, please acknowledge and include the link to the source. We do not want to give credit to you for a job that isn’t yours.

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