Behind The Scenes: What It Takes To Publish A Smashing Article

Alma Hoffmann is an editor at Smashing Magazine, design educator, and a freelance designer. You can find her on Twitter @almahoffmann and on her blog She also wrote the articles “Finding Alternative Sources Of Typographic Layout In Our Surroundings” and “I Draw Pictures All Day”.

Answers to common grammar questions related to English grammar, with examples and additional explanations. Our mission quickly became to return the favors from the community by striving to enrich it and be as helpful as we can be. Through it all, my writing skills have helped me get to where I am now and leave my mark on it. When writing a more advanced piece about a tool or technology, mention in your introduction your assumed level of knowledge. You can also use that to point the reader to a good introduction to the subject that they should read before reading your article. This style, voice and tone guide aims to share some of the things we think helps to make a great Smashing Magazine article.

In the web design scene, the sense of community is extremely strong. We always talk about “giving back” and about how much we learn from those who do. A few names are popular and dropped here and there. But it’s all still just a bit too impersonal, isn’t it? Here at Smashing Magazine, we’ve decided to give you a more intimate look at our writers. Our readership is comprised of all aspects of the web design community, from designers and developers, freelance designers, to business professionals and creative agencies.


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I think it’s that passion that drives me to learn and do more. The skills, knowledge and experience I’ve developed have just been byproducts of that passion. Generally, I can say that the main skills needed for all this are an ability to adapt to situations, not being scared to physically move and to get excited about new things.

On the contrary, I think a subject not broached enough is the sexism that pervades the design community. Also, because this is such an ingrained problem in our society, so many participate in this demeaning practice without realizing it. In design, women tend to be relegated to a patronizing position of near irrelevance, until someone needs something “girly” done, and then their input and skills are recognized in a biased way. These might include screenshots of the work in progress if writing a tutorial, or examples of websites that highlight a point you are making. As detailed in the article template these should include Captions and alt text, and remember to send us a zip of all images in your article along with your final draft.

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