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It’s simple — we provide you with all the tools you need to get your story published and connect with our community. You are going to add an article here as a guest post, so make sure you have maintained that pitch throughout the article also. You can even send the pitch of your guest post-draft to make the entire process much faster.

The length of the Blog posts should be of minimum 1500 words. On our end, we will add the DO FOLLOW link to the article linking back to the target website. After the article is complete it will be published within 30 days and get promoted asap. Before writing we will ask you to send us an outline of the future article. Include at least 5 legal photos or pictures to be included with the post .


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you’re looking for a way to reach a larger audience and get your brand noticed, guest posting on My Four and More is a great option. Our readership is made up primarily of mothers, so if that’s your target demographic, you’re in luck. But even if it’s not, our Lifestyle content network still offers a valuable opportunity to get your name out there and attract some attention. In a recent survey, nearly half of marketers said that guest posting was their most effective lead-generating tactic, so there’s no doubt that it’s a powerful tool. By getting published on My Four and More, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and make a big impact. Are you a professional writer or love to write for Lifestyle niche?

Writers having good knowledge of Lifestyle related content are invited to write for our webpage. Being a small business owner can be stressful, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. The fact that you’re running your own company means that everything you do is… Writers should include sub-headings to make the article scannable and more readable.

We accept all of the formats here from where we can copy the content and paste it on our website. Users are free to use formats like Word Documents, Google Docs, Dropbox papers, PowerPoint presentations, etc. And the size of your featured image should be 750px x 410px. The length of your article must be 1000 words to 1500+ words.

In fact, in a recent survey nearly half of marketers admitted that guest posting is their most effective tactic for generating leads. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience by getting published on Mom News Daily as often as possible. At Mom News Daily, we are very selective about what kind of posts we accept for guest posts. We aim to publish the best articles on the web and only the best author submissions will be considered.

Word Count – Please submit articles of at least 800 words. You can submit for consideration an original article, with content based on your professional expertise, and we will review it for potential publication on our site. The title of your article must present well what the topic is all about. Furthermore, it should be creative and appealing to the readers.

We’ll get your content in front of millions of readers when you write for us Lifestyle. We can edit or refuse any post that we do not find relevant or helpful. You can also send us pictures and videos relevant to your content provided that they are original and yours or you have the proof to use them. Also, all the links should be already added as no affiliate linking is allowed. For credibility, we suggest you include links, statistics, and recent studies data. The content should be relevant to the topic and should clearly define it.

There is monetary compensation for sponsored posts only. You must be able to post more than once a week and be prepared to defend any statements you make in the comments section of your posts. We will go back to you within 1-3 days if the topic or article is of our interest. You can use additional subheadings like and and bullet points to improve readability. We can also write an article from your behalf for a very reasonable sum of 60 euros. We can ask you to do up to 2 revisions in order for the article to meet our quality standards.

The word limit to be covered by the writer while writing the article on Lifestyle related content is 750 words. The writer should come up with interesting, attractive content and present new updates on Lifestyle to attract the readers to read the article. We are an exciting webpage coming up with several types of news published on our homepage every other day. We publish articles on the news, websites, products, businesses, crypto, etc. After you submit your guest post, you can’t claim to be a member of the My Four and More team. Moreover, you can check our parenting blog section to check out the type of content that we approve to be published on MOM News Daily.

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