Modeling Protected Species Distributions And Habitats To Inform Siting And Management Of Pioneering Ocean Industries: A Case Research For Gulf Of Mexico Aquaculture Plos One

Additionally, use of the geometric mean ensures that each one variables contribute equally to the suitability score. The arithmetic imply assumes excessive suitability scores can compensate for low suitability scores, while the Product strategy assumes high suitability scores cannot offset low suitability scores (Muñoz-Mas et al. 2012). Aquaculture is the quickest rising meals sector on the planet; nonetheless, solely seven percent of the united states seafood provide comes from aquaculture .

ESA-listed Sperm Whales weren’t included as a result of they typically happen in waters deeper than the Atlas examine areas (Hayes et al. 2021). Gulf Sturgeon was not evaluated, because the species happens primarily inshore of the 50-m depth contour. Marine mammals protected solely beneath the MMPA weren’t included in the data layer as a outcome of inadequate time and assets have been available to obtain and evaluate their distributions relative to the proposed Atlas examine areas. In the Gulf of Mexico Atlas examine areas, the Natural Resources submodel incorporates a National Ocean Service sanctuaries data layer, consisting of solely FGBNMS, and the mixed protected species data layer described below.

The finest habitat suitability model, as chosen by AIC, included depth, backside temperature, log Chl-a, and SSH. It confirmed greater uncertainty in deep and shallow waters, however had very low predicted incidence in these habitats. Thus, sighting knowledge, PAM knowledge, and habitat suitability modeling all supported a core area in the northeastern Gulf and an prolonged habitat area throughout the northern Gulf between 100–400 m depth contour with less frequent however year-round occurrences.

The union of HUA and migratory corridor layers for leatherback, Kemp’s ridley, hawksbill, loggerhead, and green sea turtles were scored at zero.1, zero.2, 0.2, 0.4, and 0.5, respectively. Available data on the distribution of Rice’s whale in the northern Gulf of Mexico assist a core habitat and an extended habitat . The previously-defined core habitat , encompassing the overwhelming [pii_email_a24a96ca0e8e052c1d4d] majority of sightings and tag detections, was focused in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico . Additional sightings, PAM information, and habitat suitability modeling supported an extended habitat , representing the distribution of Rice’s whale beyond the core habitat within the western and japanese Gulf of Mexico, roughly monitoring the 100–400 m isobaths.

Comparison of vulnerability scores for protected species across the complete Gulf of Mexico study space under Product, Geometric imply, Arithmetic mean, and Lowest scoring layer methods. An MSP approach supplies opportunities to evaluate tradeoffs amongst environmental, social, financial, cultural, and administration concerns to tell how and the place ocean and coastal industries can be sited. Comparison of rank order for overlapping protected resource information layers combined using four totally different approaches. The decision to gauge 4 separate research areas supplied more relative distinction between cells . In the West research space, the realm of least concern was in the middle of the proposed aquaculture examine space off the border of Texas and Louisiana .

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