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I’m pretty sure when I set up my account I submitted a mix of posts from this blog alongside posts I ghost-wrote for NYCM Insurance. I could be wrong – but I imagine asking for published pieces is just another way to get a better sense of your writing style. (Of course, if you have been published, that will only help your cause, so definitely include those links!). On my journey as a contributor, I’ve had a number of people reach out to me for tips and advice on becoming a contributor themselves. In this blog post, I’m going over some of the basics and sharing some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way that led to my becoming a regular writer for the online publication.

I’m sure they don’t actually police that you’ve read everything before you cast a vote, but I’d feel better voting for my favorite authors if I’ve at least read some of the competition. I see I’ve already naturally read four of the six series up for Best Series – Murderbot, October Daye, The Poppy War and Lady Astronaut, which cuts down on probably the most time consuming category. But I’ve only read two of the six up for Best Novel, two of Best Novella, and none of most of the rest of the categories. Fiction wise, I’ll write-in Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews because it’s still my favorite thing I’ve read all year.


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But I haven’t done any reading after work so I don’t have a lot to report otherwise. I finished some books this week after finishing none last week. I completed the ATY challenge, and am 2 books away from completing Popsugar. Really looking forward to catching up on some streaming. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited guest-authored articles, blogs, or posts. Join our crew of top-notch editors, designers, programmers, and others as we continue to make a difference every day in the lives of Byrdie readers.

To be honest, when I was first getting started in this program, I couldn’t find an answer as to whether or not contributors got paid. One of my stories had been published but I had not submitted any tax info and no one was reaching out to me for my bank account. At first, she was writing in the evening and weekends, then pretty much any break she could get. What happened next took her breath away. Turns out, her obsession wasn’t just her own.

I’ll share glamorous things because I’m excited about them, but mostly, I like to share my embarrassing moments. I like to cover subjects that people aren’t aware of… one post that means a lot to me is one I wrote about teens and social media, and how it’s getting out of hand. It really opened up a lot of my readers’ eyes to what is going on online with our youth.

I’ll just stick to what I’ve finished lately. And the love of pastries didn’t bother me so much – possibly because I understand that sentiment. The obsession with weight and needed to work off the calories not so much. Ayres – actually a reread of all but the last one published in 2…”

Yes, I’m glad it’s not Covid, but sinus infection, then stomach bug, then nasty cold are no fun. In general fiction, The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris was weird and memorable. But it had a lot of buzz, so I expect to see it already included. Paradise by Toni Morrison to fulfill the 2020 Reading Women prompt #25 A book written by Toni Morrison.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert for ATY . I just didn’t quite click with the characters, something felt a bit inconsistent and then they went from hate to lust so quickly. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – A book about forgetting – I liked this, even though it dragged a bit in the middle for me.

Hey, Banned Books Week is Sept 26 – Oct 2, and it was banned by the Nazis. It’s terrifying that this book is still relevant. My reading feels like it was all over the place this week.

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