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4 Ways for Graduates with Disabilities to Get Started in the Job Market

October 26, 2017

You did it! You’ve worked hard and you’re ready for the next step in your life. Now it’s decision-making time: which career path is best for you? Finding the right job can be frustrating and stressful for anyone – but especially if you’re living with a disability.      

Here are four ways for graduates with disabilities to get started in the job market.

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6 Tips for Effective Communication in the Presence of Sign Language Interpreters

October 05, 2017

In a business or professional setting, an employer or business owner may at some point encounter a scenario in which an employee or customer who is deaf or has a hearing loss is utilizing a sign language interpreter. Don’t panic. It’s a highly effective way for sign language interpreters to stay in the conversation.

Here are six things to keep in mind when in the presence of an interpreter.

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NDEAM Poster

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October 05, 2017

Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed October, Disability Employment Awareness Month in South Dakota.

Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) aims to raise awareness about disability employment issues and to celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities.
The 2017 theme for DEAM is "Inclusion Drives Innovation".
A host of South Dakota agencies and organizations will engage in activities in October to promote awareness of these issues and to help foster a disability-friendly culture in the workplace.

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