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Universal Design in the Workplace

June 23, 2020

Article by Northwest ADA Center

Why Universal Design?

As we know from our everyday experience, the environments, products and services we use at home, work and in our community are not always designed to suit all people.
We also recognize that every individual is unique but, as a group, the human population is very diverse.
We must create environments, including workplaces, which respect human diversity and promote the inclusion of all people.
There is an increasing recognition that there is an approach to creating environments, products and services that meet a wide range of preferences and needs, avoiding much of the need for adaptation, renovation, and specialized design. This approach is called “Universal Design."

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Web Accessibility as Businesses Shift with COVID-19

June 09, 2020

Blog by Mike Shea

Over the last few months, businesses have had to shift their goods and services to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology and the use of the internet has a large potential to increase communication and the independence of people with disabilities. Digital services, that are now even more important than ever before, include shopping, remote work, education, healthcare, and banking. Service providers that have transitioned to digital services need to ensure that websites, mobile apps, video conferencing, documents, emails, and social media posts are accessible to people with disabilities.

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