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Business Spotlight: Pizza Ranch

December 05, 2016

Enthusiasm and drive in the workplace can be contagious – if you had the chance to instill more of it in your staff, you’d probably jump at the opportunity, right?

Pizza Ranch in Rapid City experiences this daily by giving two employees with disabilities the opportunity to work. It’s paid off in significant ways with higher productivity and staff motivation levels.

Their story

The food service business can be a tough environment without a degree of employee camaraderie and a drive to provide an amazing experience for customers. That’s why when Pizza Ranch in Rapid City decided to look into hiring people with disabilities, they weren’t sure what to expect. Two hires, Nick and Sarah, came into the workplace with energy and a readiness to get the job done.

Their success

The location’s owner said that once the two of them found shifts that worked well for them, it was a perfect fit. Not only did both employees put in an incredible effort on a daily basis, but they also helped to change perceptions in the rest of the staff and bonding them together more than ever. As the location’s owner puts it to fellow business owners, “Don’t let the disability part scare you – let their ability show you.”

Their words

Steve, owner of the Pizza Ranch location in Rapid City, said about Sarah, “(Sarah’s attitude) shows her drive and enthusiasm to want to be here. When Sarah works her three days a week, you know the front of the house, the tables are all going to be done. We can rely on that. We count on that.”

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