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Business Spotlight: Rick’s Body Shop

July 19, 2016

If you could improve your productivity, your sales and your workplace culture, would you? These are all probable side effects of hiring people with disabilities.

Rick’s Body Shop in Rapid City is a perfect example of a South Dakota business that has managed to procure one of its most valuable employees from this very untapped workforce.

Their story

When it comes to excelling in the blue-collar environment of auto-body work, it takes a certain degree of precision, skill and resilience. The obstacle of accomplishing your goals in this field, namely being hired in the first place, is particularly difficult when you have a disability. But one such business in Rapid City, Rick’s Body Shop, hired Aaron, who has moved up the ladder at the shop and become one of their strongest collision repairmen.

Their success

Aaron experiences visual and hearing impairments, but his passion for work with vehicles has gotten him places with his employment. He spent some time in California but was disappointed in the level of menial tasks he was given because of his disability. He returned to his home state, and Rick’s hired him as a part-timer and was so impressed with his work, he’s been there these three years since.

Their words

Butch Murner, owner of Rick’s Body Shop, said, “We had hired Aaron before, and we had seen that he worked harder than anyone else. He has done some of the most difficult collision repair work with perfect ease. His skills blew us away, so we hired him again, because he deserves it. I don’t think we could have hired anyone any better.”

The facts

Many employers may think that hiring a person with a disability is a liability. In actuality, most companies report never having received complaints or claims related to ADA when hiring people with disabilities, a larger customer base thanks to their inclusivity practices and improved productivity thanks to this untapped, eager workforce.

Take it from Rick’s – hiring people with disabilities can pay off in dividends and show in your work output. And if you need help in getting started with more inclusive hiring practices, we’re here to help.

Source: Rapid City Journal

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