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Five Free Evaluations Provided to Job-Seekers with Disabilities

June 12, 2017

Breaking into the career world can be a daunting task that sometimes feels like a job in and of itself. Finding a fulfilling career path requires taking an introspective first step. What are your interests and strongest skills?  Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

Ability for Hire offers various assessments to assist individuals with disabilities in answering these questions.

Situational Assessments

A situational assessment is typically used when individuals have limited work history, or are curious what job functions with which their skillsets best align. During a situational assessment, a person’s behavior is observed and evaluated in a workplace over a period of time. Job performance and interactions with other employees are also of focus during the assessment.

Assistive Technology Assessments

An assistive technology assessment, or AT, focuses on the technology required to help a person with a disability complete his or her work responsibilities and reach employment goals. An AT assessment can examine the need for any technology, whether it’s a simple footrest to improve posture or a specialized speech-assistance tool.=

World of Work Inventory (WOWI)

WOWI is a free assessment for people receiving services from Vocational Rehabilitation. It’s a multifaceted online test measuring interests, skills, and work styles to help provide direction for a person’s career path. Anyone interested in learning more can visit this WOWI page.


SDMyLife is an online tool directed toward helping students move through the career-development process. It helps students to better understand their interests,  skills, and how their academic knowledge relates to career opportunities.

O*Net Online

This is a great tool for any individual with a disability seeking a job. It’s the country’s primary source for occupational information. It’s a large database with specific details on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific information. The tool is free to use for anyone, and consistently updated based on survey data from a wide range of workers. Check out O*Net Online here.

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