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Hiring People with Disabilities Can Improve Your Bottom Line

How Employing People with Disabilities Can Improve Your Bottom Line

December 21, 2016

It’s more than just “the right thing to do.” Hiring people with disabilities can work wonders for your profitability and your business’s growth. From encouraging fresh perspectives and creativity to ensuring you’re hiring the most qualified candidates for each of your positions, inclusive hiring improves your bottom line in more ways than one.

It broadens your talent pool

The most obvious reason hiring people with disabilities positively affects your bottom line is that it simply expands the bank of potential employees from which you have to choose. Giving yourself a broader talent pool can afford you the opportunity to find an even more particularly qualified person – the more inclusive your candidate-search process, the better.

It breeds innovation

One of the biggest assets of a diverse workforce is that increasing the number of perspectives your business brings to the table increases your likelihood of innovating or solving for problems or needs you didn’t even know existed. Too much similarity in your staff breeds stagnancy and expectedness – expanding your mindset to diversity experiences helps you to better serve your customers.

It connects you

Any business owner worth his or her salt knows that networking with fellow businesses is key to collaborative successes in the future. When you hire people with disabilities you send a message to other like-minded businesses (or businesses run by or managed by people with disabilities) – you are an inclusive employer and someone worth doing business with. Tap into another facet of the business community through this segment.

Did You Know? Several major global companies have founders or CEOs with disabilities, including financial firm Ernst & Young.

It boosts productivity

Don’t let the misconception that hiring people with disabilities will curb your business’s productivity. It’s simply not true. In fact, the opposite is true. In several case studies, businesses have attested to the fact that hiring more people with disabilities has positively impacted worker safety, retention, and absenteeism.

Text Box: Fact Check A Tim Horton’s franchisee in Canada reported that hiring more people with disabilities cut his overall employee turnover rate in half! And one Walgreens distribution center reported that increasing its disability hiring to half its workforce improved productivity 120 percent!

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