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March 13, 2015


Myth: “Providing accommodations for people with disabilities is expensive.”
Fact: “Of the minority of workers with disabilities who do need some sort of special equipment or accommodation, 56% of these accommodations cost less than $600, with many costing nothing at all?  And available tax incentives make it even easier for businesses to cover accessibility costs.” 

Greetings!  I am Kimberly Hoberg, the Business Specialist employed by the S.D. Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS).  DRS assist South Dakotans with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment in the workforce.  DRS supports employers hiring people with disabilities, or have employees who acquire a disability later in life that may impact their employment. 

Governor Dennis Daugaard is a strong supporter of the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the state’s workforce.  In 2013, Governor Daugaard formed a task force that brought private and public sectors together to ensure people with disabilities are a vital part of South Dakota’s workforce.  The task force offered a broad spectrum of perspectives; including people with disabilities and their family members, the business community, representatives of state government, service providers, and nonprofit stakeholders.

The Employment Works Task Force, as it was named, met three times in 2013 and developed five recommendations to increase the hiring rate of people with disabilities.  Those recommendations are as follows: 1 – Find and support businesses to employ people with disabilities; 2 – Connect businesses to employees with disabilities; 3 – Eliminate disincentives to employment for people with disabilities; 4 – Develop flexible systems and promote promising practices; and 5 – Educate the public, providers, employers, and people with disabilities.  The overall goal of the five recommendations is the hiring, inclusion, and retention of employment of people with disabilities.  You can find the report and progress made on the recommendations at the Department of Human Services website here.

If you are interested in employing a person with a disability, but are looking for technical assistance I can be of support to your business!  Part of my role is being a primary contact for employers or businesses located throughout the state.  You may have questions or be interested in learning more about the benefits of employing people with disabilities, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), reasonable accommodations, how to communicate effectively with people with disabilities, and/or available business tax incentives.  Additionally, Governor Daugaard has proposed that our state government become a model employer of people with disabilities.  Please let me know how I can help with your workforce needs!


Contact information:
Division of Rehabilitation Services
Attn: Kimberly Hoberg
1707 4th Ave. SE, Suite A
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Phone: (605) 626-2398
Toll Free: (800) 439-3417
Email: kimberly.hoberg@state.sd.us

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