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Recruiting Quality Employees

The Business Owner’s Guide to Recruiting Quality Employees with Disabilities

February 13, 2017

You’ve heard the benefits—hiring people with disabilities is a boost to your business’s bottom line, from the untapped talent potential, to the boost in productivity, to the positivity of inclusion.

However, if you’re sold on the idea and just need to know where to start, what is a business to do when it’s ready to start recruiting quality employees with disabilities in South Dakota? Here are a few tips.

Get evaluated

Your workspace might not be optimized for employees with disabilities—undergoing an assessment would be a good first step toward recruiting quality employees. South Dakota Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) offers workplace assessments to ensure your workplace is best suited for quality employees to do quality work. (This is also a great opportunity to have your existing employees educated on disability awareness and etiquette to foster a positive work environment.)

Engage in placement

If the recruiting process is what’s keeping you from hiring great employees with disabilities, VR can do some of the heavy lifting for you. With job development and placement services, VR can get you in touch with the right individuals for the job—you can be assured that you’ll get reliable, qualified candidates. (And upon hiring, VR can offer on-the-job training for your new employee, including assisting with the training costs.)

Know your network

South Dakota businesses have additional resources available for them at the local levels in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. The Business Resource Network (BRN) and Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills (WDNBH) are two examples of organizations meant to connect businesses by offering resources for hiring and retaining quality employees with disabilities. BRN and WDNBH specialize in providing educational opportunities for businesses looking to hire and connecting employees with businesses.

Talk to us

Ability for Hire also specializes in getting quality employees with disabilities to your doorstep. One great step toward improving your recruiting efforts is getting in touch with us. Ability for Hire can provide more information on VR, best practices, business benefits, training opportunities, tax credits and incentives, and on-the-job training. Contact us at 605-626-2398 or Kimberly.hoberg@state.sd.us for more info.

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