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The Guide to Disability-Friendly Business Practices

January 05, 2018

Are you a business representative looking to diversify your workforce and make your workplace more disability-friendly? There’s an excellent one-stop resource that’s available now - our brand-new Business Resource Guide.

Here’s what to expect in the guide — and how to download it for free!

Who to contact

Get the rundown on whom to contact at the South Dakota Department of Human Services and other key agencies – to have questions answered about available programs and support, and acquire a better understanding of how to make your business Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-friendly.

How to recruit

Get updated information on hiring and recruiting practices for people with disabilities – from ideas for networking and partnership opportunities, to writing optimum job descriptions, to asking appropriate interview questions.

Know your options

Understand what “reasonable accommodations” means when it comes to employment opportunities for people with disabilities and how you can implement these practices effectively in your own business.

Understanding tax benefits

Find out more about tax credits or incentives that your business can benefit from by becoming a more diverse employer – including credits for small businesses and deductions for improving your property for customers and employees with disabilities.

Ready to download the guide? Go to our homepage at AbilityforHire.com, and fill out the “Free Resource Guide” form on the page!

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