Online video gaming benefits for young players

It’s a pretty great feeling to see something you’ve written published on GameSkinny. It’s an even better feeling when you are on the front page. You’ll gain so many lucrative skills you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Who knew my experience using Google Analytics and mastering SEO would land me a job in digital media. Are you an experienced freelancer with an established history of writing for the biggest publications? Are you a beginner writer who’s aspiring to break into the industry?

So, we run all copies through a plagiarism checker to ensure quality before publishing them. Is an adventure fiction and gaming magazine, harking back to genre magazines of yore. They feature fiction, tabletop role-playing games, and non-fiction articles that may be of interest to sword and sorcery gamers. Guest Post Submissions are now Accepted – Are you a fanatical gaming blog writer? Are you currently trying to find a platform that you simply can use for posting up your guest posts? If yes, this post goes to serve you with the simplest .


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Often, several writers work together to complete this project. Each writer must be willing to collaborate with others, including game designers and voice actors. If you see video game writing jobs with interesting titles, use those specific keywords to find the perfect video game writing job for your skillset.

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They previously listed pay as $0.25 per word, but now state that they pay both on effort and word count. ” They imply that they’ll be willing to pay a significant sum for the right kind of article. We are consistently receiving several guest posts requests regularly but we are quite strict on selection measures. We allow writers to provide content on a wide range of topics from the Gaming niche. If you are not getting an idea, here are some suggestions that will lead the game for you.

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