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  • Geico Makes Sequels To In Style Pinocchio, Racoons And Woodchucks Ads

    The other finds his lengthening wooden nostril becoming a problem as he lies on a first date he booked on a courting app. The first business sees two woodchucks laughing maniacally as they throw a poor man’s firewood right into kitchen tile floor transition to wood a river. The thought is that Geico needs you […]

  • Geico-do Woodchucks Chuck Wood?

    Dogs taking part in poker ask for his or her pal Rudy/Mr.Tickles, who’s in a photograph of him and his proprietor. The proprietor saved a lot money by switching to GEICO that he needed a photograph to commemorate the occasion. Starting in 2010, there have been TV commercials in which what color countertops with light […]