The Eleventh Day: The Complete Story Of 9 11 And Osama Bin Laden

There isn’t any purpose, both, to suspect that the harm and dying on the Pentagon was brought on by something apart from the aircraft putting the building. The would-be “tourist,” twenty- ve-year-old Mohamed elKahtani, said that, although he can be staying only some days, he didn’t know where he can be going subsequent. He rst stated that someone because of arrive from overseas could be paying for his onward journey, then that one other “someone” was ready for him in Arrivals. Secondary inspector José Meléndez-Pérez famous, too, that the subject was belligerent.

Lehman’s clear memory, although, is that Atta and Shehhi had been a fan of a beer on the end of the day. “Two, perhaps, however they never—ever— overindulged.” IN EARLY AUGUST, the diligent Ziad Jarrah was awarded his Private Pilot License. He headed back to Germany in the fall to spend a quantity of weeks together with his girlfriend, Aysel.

The Shehri brothers made reservations, then modified their seat assignments—so as to sit on the aspect of the First Class aisle that a orded the best view of the cockpit door. Hamzi and his brother Salem ordered particular meals suitable for the Muslim food regimen, meals they knew they’d never eat. Perhaps to avoid appearing to be in a group, seven terrorists booked to journey on past the locations of their focused ights —by which period they might be long dead. All the ights booked, of course, were for transcontinental ights scheduled to depart within the morning.

He went again to the Middle East with a level in mechanical engineering and recollections of a rustic that he deemed “racist and debauched.” Then, in 1987, he rallied to the ght to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan. At least one different brother, perhaps two—reports di er —were killed during the con ict. At least half a dozen different relatives— KSM’s nephew the Trade Center bomber Yousef aside—have been linked to al Qaeda in the years that followed. The task of the younger men who joined jihad, bin Laden was to say, was to wrestle in “every place in which non-believers’ injustice is perpetrated towards Muslims.” With his approval and infrequently together with his funding, terrorism in the purpose for Islam was on the rise. • • • AT ALMOST EXACTLY the time bin Laden arrived in Sudan, one other man started working with a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines. He advised his contacts he was an “emissary from bin Laden,” performing on behalf of Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman—by then preaching jihad in the United States.

Then her father returned from the garden, where—at the request of the FBI—he had stored open the road on which Jeremy had known as. Now, as he got here again in, Lyz saw that her father was weeping. Hundreds of miles apart, the 2 wives, now widows, sank to their knees in grief.

The brutal treatment they received taints the prisoners’ admissions. The commissioners requested the CIA to permit its own sta access to detainees, only to satisfy with a at refusal. If safety was the problem, they then o ered, sta could possibly be taken to the prisoners’ location sporting blindfolds. Could Commission individuals no less than observe CIA interrogation sessions by way of a one-way statement window? The authors’ contacts during freelance gis job the greater than four years of labor on this book—including each skilled and social conversations with lots of of people—seemed to con rm that many citizens, and never solely young folks, doubt that they have been given the total picture of what occurred on September 11. Such widespread doubt demands corroboration based on stable evidence—or rebuttal.

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