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Always submit to the right category and with proper title and keywords failing which can lead to post removal or credits removal. We recommend completing your profile and post good articles to boost traffic to your article and generate some leads out of it. You may post your article with one category and up to 4 tags. If you would like to work withViaTravelers, you can reach out to info at with your suggested topics.


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Authentic – we cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet. Google doesn’t like it and we listen when they talk. Article should be original, unique.Copyscapearticle will not be accepted. Also never use same article/content anywhere after publish on our site. Authentic and original submissions – We do not accept any articles that have been published anywhere else.

These personal stories are very hard to rank in Google, but they’re good to help your readers get to know you. Don’t answer me by saying, answer by writing in blogging about travel. Create a blog post with all the reasons you have to advise why I should go to a certain place on holiday. Another aspect of travel blogging is persuasive writing. Join our newsletter for travel tips and guides, interesting and untold travel stories.

Tell us how it’s perfect for OUR READERS specifically. If we love your pitch, we’ll be looking for a piece that follows these guidelines. We might request a few edits before we’re ready to publish your post on our site.

Take your pick of tour options ranging from 2 days to 12 days. Activities that are better suited for residents than tourists. The things you do in your hometown as a resident are not necessarily the things that a visitor to your hometown would want to do. Your favorite local bar and your favorite local grocery store are all fantastic neighborhood amenities, but please consider whether they’re really worth recommending a first-time visitor. We may need to edit your post to best fit our readers. We don’t accept the vast majority of pitches we recieve.

Of course the creativity comes when you decide which words to choose. That’s the number one rule about putting any creativity in the public space. I used to worry about people reading my stuff and sometimes I look back at my past work and wonder what I was on. If you start worrying what advertisers / other bloggers / your mum, thinks then you’ll lose what’s interesting about you in the first place. You don’t have to define and limit yourself straight off though. My advice would be to let your style, tone and topics instinctively evolve over time and with every post you write.

Don’t just look to other travel bloggers though – unless you’ve got an exclusive or they’ve got a really interesting story there are already so many about. They’re the ones I like to read to get to know the blogger I’m reading about. I admire people who can be so honestly open about life, people like Toni over handling mental, health and family issues while travelling and Planet D about how their travel blog saved their marriage. Posts like these help you to see there are real person at the end of these blog posts – real people with real problems. There is no set price for sponsored posts, but they will include two links to your site as well as maximum exposure through our social media channels.

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I just keep going until it’s all out and then go back and edit. Often I’ll write it on my phone when the inspiration hits then just use my laptop to edit as when I sit at my laptop I get to distracted. If they like my blog I know they’ll like them, and a happy reader will come back for more.

Travel Earth, is a digital media publication dedicated solely to the purpose of travel. We love inspiring people to broaden their horizons. We are giving you the chance to be a part of this inspiration by relaying your various travel experiences for the world to witness. Content – The content topic you choose must be relevant to our tours and destinations.

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