Us10514415b2 Prognostic And Well Being Monitoring Methods For Light Features

5 is a flowchart showing a way 599 for prognostic and health monitoring of a lightweight fixture in accordance with certain example embodiments. While the various steps in the flowchart presented herein are described sequentially, considered one of odd skill will respect that some or all the steps could additionally be executed in numerous orders, may be combined or omitted, and a few or the entire steps could additionally be executed in parallel. Further, in a number of of the example embodiments, one or more of the steps described below could additionally be omitted, repeated, and/or performed in a special order.

The PHM system 104, the person one hundred fifty, the network manager a hundred and eighty, and/or the sensors 160 can use their very own system or share a system in certain example embodiments. Such a system can be, or comprise a form of, an Internet-based or an intranet-based pc matriz de la mujer en ingles system that is capable of speaking with various software program. A computer system contains any type of computing gadget and/or communication system, including however not restricted to the PHM system 104.

One or more algorithms 133 may be based mostly on a “canary-in-a-coalmine” principal, where a redundant element is added to the sunshine fixture 102 and is designed to fail previous to the opposite elements serving the same operate. When the redundant element fails, the other parts serving the same perform could additionally be approaching failure, as properly. As an instance, with the light sources 142 use LED know-how, a strip of LEDs (the “canary”) that operate at a better temperature relative to the the rest of the LEDs may be monitored over time. When the “canary” gentle sources 142 start to fail, an algorithm 133 can determine how far behind the other gentle sources 142 are from failing. The user 150, the network manager a hundred and eighty, and/or the sensors one hundred sixty can interact with the PHM system 104 of the light fixture 102 utilizing the application interface 126 in accordance with one or more instance embodiments.

Continuing with this example, the explosion-proof enclosure, as a Division 1 enclosure, is configured to allow gases from contained in the enclosure to flee across joints of the enclosure and cool because the gases exit the explosion-proof enclosure. The joints are also called flame paths and exist the place two surfaces meet and supply a path, from contained in the explosion-proof enclosure to outdoors the explosion-proof enclosure, along which one or more gases could travel. Each surface could additionally be any type of surface, together with however not limited to a flat floor, a threaded surface, and a serrated floor. Alternatively, if the explosion-proof enclosure is a Division 2 enclosure, then it could be gasketed to prohibit/reduce the probability of ingress of hazardous fuel to the enclosure, however would not have any “flame-paths” should the fuel get in and turn into ignited.

The RF impedance supplied an early indication of the approaching solder-joint failure in the form of a gradual increase prior to the end of life. A GP model was utilized to the RF impedance obtained from the fatigue tests to have the ability to estimate the remaining life of the solder joint in real time. It was demonstrated that the GP model efficiently predicted the time to failure of the solder joint with high accuracy previous to failure.

The boeing prognostic well being monitoring pulse hms is a wireless gadget that connects to the users pulse oximeter, or oximeter, by way of a USB cable. If the consumer is on the boeing prognostic health monitoring pulse hms, it sends information about the user’s blood pressure readings to the coronary heart beat oximeter. In impact, the boeing prognostic well being monitoring pulse hms is like a good cellphone. 6 is an exemplary current injection system 134, in accordance with a first exemplary embodiment of the current invention. The present injection system 134 consists of an injection inverter 136, an injection swap 138 having a P-channel power MOSFET and a injection load resistor a hundred and forty. The present injection device 134 has a first terminal 142 that is linked to a voltage output bus 104 at first connection point 106.

The prognostic output 118 indicates the extent of degradation of the feedback loop in the SMPS one hundred and one, with the degradation more than likely being because of degradation in CTR of the opto-isolator 172 in the suggestions loop. The digital logic 126 (shown in FIG. 7) is well realized by using a hardware description language , such as Verilog, to program a subject programmable gate array . The implementation of the digital logic 126 just isn’t described herein, though one having odd talent within the artwork would have the power to implement the digital logic 126 herein described without undue experimentation. These output signal levels provide a prognostic progression from no degradation to most degradation; the prognostic development plus analysis of the times it takes to progress from one level to the subsequent provide the idea for producing correct RUL estimates.

It typically includes the usage of well being screens in addition to the life-time prediction software program. Based on these, a restore action for a potentially faulty processor core by way of remapping can be executed, the system can act earlier than the prevalence of a failure, leading to a full-time available system. Structural well being monitoring system is a method of evaluating and monitoring structural health. It has been broadly applied in numerous engineering sectors as a end result of its ability to answer opposed structural adjustments, enhancing structural reliability and life cycle administration. Various strategies in SHM are presented on this chapter such as acoustic emission, ultrasonic, and thermal imaging. The benefits of SHM and nondestructive testing method are compared.

The power metering module 111 can include any of numerous measuring devices and related gadgets, together with but not limited to a voltmeter, an ammeter, an influence meter, an ohmmeter, a present transformer, a possible transformer, and electrical wiring. The energy metering module 111 can measure a element of energy continuously, periodically, based mostly on the incidence of an occasion, based mostly on a command acquired from the management module 106, and/or primarily based on some other issue. For purposes herein, the energy metering module 111 can be considered a kind of sensor (e.g., sensor 160). In this manner, a component of power measured by the power metering module 111 can be thought of a parameter herein. In this way, the PHM engine 106 can proactively enhance intelligence on facility energy methods and lead to extra robust design of a number of components (e.g., electronics) of the sunshine fixture 102. As one other example, an algorithm 133 can measure and analyze real-time software stress conditions of the sunshine fixture 102 or elements thereof over time and use developed models to estimate the lifetime of the light fixture or components thereof.

The sport shows it in real time, and you may see it within the game’s interface. Alpha’s PHM system can help oil and gas corporations improve efficiency, optimize prices and improve revenue. For instance, oil and gas large Repsol is utilizing PHM to enhance gear well being and productiveness. As a end result, the corporate reduced unplanned maintenance by 15%, saving $200 million in operating expenses per yr.

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