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Melville Charlton, who was born within the city of New York in 1883, is probably the leading organist of theNegro race. He is, however, a church and live performance organist whose capacity isn’t measured by racial traces. His common schooling was obtained in the public faculties and in the College of the City of New York. He received a scholarship at the National Conservatory of Music, where he studied harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition. Charlton first played the organ at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church earlier than a congregation that composed many of the older Negro households of New York.

At final Jazz had its première on the Metropolitan Opera House when Carpenter’s “Skyscraper’s Ballet” was given there on February 19, 1926. Truly Jazz was not within the under-world or within the music-hall stage. Whiteman’s declaration regarding his undertaking, was amusing to critical thinkers. His object was “that with the hope that eventually our music will turn out to be a stepping stone which shall be useful in giving the approaching era a a lot deeper appreciation of better music.” However, the band conductor did achieve increasing the interest in Jazz, and his subsequent live shows on tour have been widely attended. Irving Berlin and other white theatrical stars presented dance steps of the Negro consistent with the “hot” and “sour” tones of the orchestra and aided within the acceptance of the outcome as typical well-liked music of America. Ted Lewis, who heard Cricket Smith, a Negro barber who had an orchestra of banjo, guitar and fiddle, play improvisedJazzy music, imitated the identical rhythms for his present band of nine members.

He was a scholar of pianounder Eugene Prévost, at one time director of the French Opera House orchestra, and of concord and composition under Professor Pedigram. During 1867, he spent a while in France and played in Paris, after which he returned residence. His dance compositions, a variety of which the writer has in her collection, had been very fashionable. His salon items, within the type of that period, present an effective use of the “glissando,” an embellishment that was in vogue and sometimes discovered within the Mexican and Spanish-Creole music of that section.

Mr. Lew is treasurer of the Oxford Piano Teachers Association of New York, of which Allen C. Albee is president. He is the only Negro member of the After School Piano Forum. Soon afterwards Madame Selika visited Europe together with her husband, who was an aspiring baritone singer, often recognized as “Viloski.” She achieved quick success. The New York papers spoke of her fantastic thing about voice and “uncommon charm of manners.” During the 12 months of 1876 she was actively engaged in organizing teams of younger individuals for musical displays. In July of the sameyear she was engaged to sing on the Sunday School Parliament held on the island of Wellesley, within the St. Lawrence River.

Yet “Marlborough,” the French ballad of many stanzas, has wandered the broad world over, in various racial settings. The creator found a Spanish version of this old song in Latin-American costume, on the island of Puerto Rico. 2 The phrases of the songs of the Virgin Islands are often unintelligible because of the unusual, troublesome dialect. No higher place may be discovered for listening to the speech than down on the coal subject on the East Side dock of St. Thomas where the women and men gather to hold coal on the ships. A group of laborers have been seen standing within the shade of the warehouse waiting for the “Enare,” a Norwegian vessel to be fixed to the dock for the aim of bunking coal.

During the summer time of 1929, Dett studied under Madame Nadia Boulanger of the Fontainbleau School, Paris. He then devoted the greater a part of his time apart from his directorship at Hampton Institute to the Hampton Institute Choir of forty finely skilled voices. The Choir made a successful European tour in 1930, after which they again how to make my hair blonde without bleach toured the United States. Their appearance in April, 1931, at the Odeon in St. Louis, Missouri, was a memorable one. Further particulars of Mr. Dett’s work as a chorister are famous under the Chorus part. After his commencement he accepted the directorship of music of Lane College, Jackson, Tenn., the place he developed the Lane Choral Society.

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