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If you’re going to pitch to a site, you need to know who they are and what type of content they are looking for. You can check out their about page, Linkedin profile, and social media accounts. If you want to get paid for you poetry writing or content about art then Peril is the publication for you. They are an art and culture magazine and the have open calls for submissions. Money Crashers is a finance site that covers investing, credit, debt, retirement planning, mortgages, and more. They don’t publish their rates but they will pay for guest posts.

When a client likes what you provide, you get paid through PayPal every Monday. The application process is fairly straightforward and you can select the assignments that you write. When your work is accepted, you will receive $8. Even if you already have enough writing work, this list is still valuable. Here you will find 54 writing platforms you can sign up for or apply to so you have a backup source of income when writing work is slack.

They tend to pay good professional level rates. Never state that you are a new writer or that you’re new to a certain field. Also, avoid phrases like “I hope” and “I think”. Lastly, you want to send a pitch that showcases your skills and confidence.


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Passive Money Ideas to submit Article on Making Money Online. John, take a look at the sites on offer at the top of this post. I have been practising on writing Articles for about 3 months now. All the best with your money making efforts and your writing clients. I’m impressed at your willingness to help and give advice to those who request it and that’s why I have decided to seek your help and guidance. But now I’m thinking there are something by which I can start.

ArticlesInsider is your destination to get the Top 10 list of almost everything. We Provide the opportunity to our readers to Write Articles for us and Get Paid. Read the kind of writing the website/magazine publishes and get acquainted with their writing style. Websites accept articles that follow their style.

The pay ranges from $2 to $6.50 per article based on the word count. Once you sign up, you can begin choosing assignments from the writer’s board. This site pays out via Payoneer or PayPal. Fiverr This websites operates on a very simple idea. The answer to that question becomes your offer.

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