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However, after several months of freelance writing, I’m ready to dive into other publications. I’ve learned you truly have to try, be brave, and put yourself out there, even when it’s hard. Anthony Moore’s article about how you can’t possibly do something poorly 52 times in a row also encouraged me and has stayed on my mind.

Brides is a magazine for wedding planning, advice and ideas. Pitch stories about real weddings, relationships, etiquette and travel. These publications pay $1 a word or more OR a minimum flat fee of $500. In August 2016, Gaby Dunn began a podcast with the intent of exposing and analyzing money problems that most people face yet no one talks about.


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If your article doesn’t fit one of these categories, they may still take it — see examples of what they’ve taken on the submission article. Buzzfeed articles are very eye-catching and interesting by design. Marketing type content tends to not be too interesting to your average person on social media, so we found what works best for us. Some content marketers think that content marketing should be a 33% mix of evergreen content, linkbait, and social content.

You don’t get to submit the content, though, to avoid compromising her account. Since you’re generally compiling a list of external content or resources in typical Buzzfeed fashion, you can get some extra mileage from sending an email or DM to the people who you mention with the link. Just a simple “hey, I mentioned you on Buzzfeed, it would be super cool of you if you could share the link with your audience” is plenty. They also have helpful examples of the type of article they’re looking for on their submission guidelines page, as well as instructions for sending them a pitch. They accept pitches for personal essays, cultural criticism, and blends of both. They focus on longform articles, with thoughtful premises and quality writing.

Similar to working with writers and publications, the content surrounding your product will be at the discretion of the BuzzFeed team. Pitching takes practice, and I’ll be the first to comfort you in saying I too have been rejected and ignored many times. Even freelance writers who make $10,000 a month have been. Send your pitch or draft to the email listed along with the section you’re pitching, listed on the website. If you send a pitch, include what you want to write about, personal experience or qualifiers, and the basic points you want to make.

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