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Charged me £5 to set my account up to make sure I am real, then won’t let me set up a server for $40 a month. The sample article that you submit will be checked by a member of the community. At the time, DigitalOcean didn’t pay for work during a trial day but they were offering $50 per tutorial published (it’s now a $300 payout). Mostly as a joke, as I was leaving, I asked, “Do I get $50 for this tutorial?” Etel paused briefly and replied, “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll Paypal you.”

Cloudways Users Group Connect, share & learn from our customers around the globe. Case Studies See how we have contributed to the success of growing businesses. Affiliate Earn commissions with our flexible affiliate plans. Our Customers Managed digital experiences for agencies, SMBs and individuals.

Unfortunately, because of the high volume of samples we receive, we cannot accept every author who applies and we cannot provide individual feedback on each sample we review. Through the program, community authors help grow DigitalOcean’s library of DevOps, software development, and production systems tutorials—all based on free and open-source software. These authors then receive a personal payout and select a tech-focused charity to receive a donation. We are looking for a thoughtful Sr User-experience writer to help craft our content on the core features of our cloud infrastructure products for developers and data scientists.

Here’s an example from the tutorial, How To Use Go Modules. Each step should be framed with a brief introductory sentence and a closing transition sentence that describes what the reader accomplished and where they are going next. Transitions guide the reader and provide important context for instructions, commands, and output.


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It’s normal for outlines to change during the writing process, either because of suggestions from your editor, or because of realizations you have while writing. Don’t think of the outline as unchangeable, but rather a framework to keep you on track. For example, the tutorial Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 20.04 assumes very little background knowledge.

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