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The stories that do best are the ones you’d hardly even tell your therapist. People love to hear about how you overcame significant trauma. Add the juicy sex parts, and you’ll have a Medium promoted story. Inspecting the latest popular posts on the platform reveals what’s in high demand.


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Accounts of your real, lived, personal experience in marketing. Then, tell us how readers can apply what you’ve learned. We want to hear about the years you spent inside a mascot suit — and what marketers should take away from your experience. We encourage submissions from underrepresented groups in the marketing and creative industry. We strive to be an inclusive publication where everyone feels welcome to read, write, teach, and learn from others.

No one is changing their mind — and we’re still not eating. If you don’t hear back from us in three business days, please assume we passed on your submission. We receive a large volume of submissions each day, and while we try to respond to all submissions, we are unable to reply to everyone. Once you’re ready to submit a draft, you can submit it through this form.

However, there are comprehensive and regularly updated articles of active publications on Medium. Once you get accepted to a publication, you must keep in mind the guidelines and best practices of the publication. Approach you and ask if you want to join their publication. This rarely happens but if it does, it is likely after you have self-published a great article. If your list of available publications looks something like this, then you are not able to submit it to a publication. There’s no right or wrong, but we’ve certainly found that our best-performing articles are the ones that are supported by at leastsometheory/evidence.

Forge puts out content on how to navigate this complicated world we’re living in. Don’t bring “inspiration speak” or quick fixes to complex personal problems. Do bring sharp journalistic skills and science-backed facts from credible sources. The more articles you publish over there, the more chances you have at writing one that takes off and wins big. Tell readers what to do next by giving them actionable advice.

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