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Buckaroos, No.1 Dog Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare in Oklahoma. We strive to provide exceptional dog trainers, groomers, and staff. Buckaroos Retrievers & Retreats provides a veteran dog trainer in assisting with programs such as service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support. CommuniCanine offers group dog training classes and private lessons on the Saanich Peninsula, led by veteran dog trainer, Darcie Jennings and her staff. Visit the Guest Posts page for information on formatting, your posts, and what types of articles are accepted.

Your article should be broken up into short paragraphs with subheadings. Include appropriate images free of copyright to guide readers. Our goal is to help you spend exactly the amount of time your business needs you to on marketing… and not a minute more. Click and Repeat helps pet professionals improve their marketing — from website and logo design to consulting on best practices and overall strategy. Two other key components that a lot of businesses forget to include on their websites? That’s to say,be authentic — it’s a great way to create emotional connections.

We reserve every right to edit the formatting and wording of your post if necessary. Linking to other articles on Train That Pooch is strongly encouraged. Before sending your article , make sure it has proper layout complete with headings and images. Write in a conversational tone, like you’re talking with a friend.

You can ask friends and family if you can teach their dogs. Or, you can talk to local shelters or rescue organizations about working with their dogs. An even better idea is to apprentice with a successful dog trainer. That will not only give you access to more dogs, but you will also have somebody monitoring your technique and guiding your development.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We do not accept articles in exchange for links. If you want to promote a product, service or blog, contact us about buying a sponsored post . Submit either a few topic ideas, an outline, or a fully written draft. Also include a bio and any links you’d like it to include.

As a result, you must have prior experience as a veterinary technician or veterinarian. Before you begin, review the guidelines for more information. Please take a look at the blog to get an understanding of the writing style and tone. The content may be about pets, horses, livestock, and animal welfare.

We are also looking for articles about other pets — cats, exotic pets, horses, little ones like guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. In the case of a dog, you agree to take care of it in exchange for unconditional love and obedience. You have to watch its diet, play with it, and explain what’s acceptable and what’s not. Do that, and your dog will keep up its end of the bargain. Don’t do that, and it might become an unruly little monster. You don’t need to supply a photo with your post.

Brand Monitoring Monitor your product name, brand, competitors, keywords, authors, or any other topics. Do you want a well behaved dog but don’t know where to begin? The Basic five commands e-book is a great place to start and will give your dog a strong foundation for future training. Just a note to to say thanks for helping my Dad teach me how to be a good girl. Dad said i can come to some of your play days or even take another class but i have to take spring break first.

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