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Be 100% original and not published on any other resources. We are going to run your copy through a plagiarism checker, so please make sure it is written as an original. Welcome, all Digital Marketing bloggers who search for blogs related to the queries listed down. Inspired and energized by the entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren loves working with, learning from and supporting the goals of business owners.


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Be Found and Start A Conversation with your customers in this fast connected world. Hello Creative Family is the go-to resource for parents looking to ignite their creative passion with simple, everyday and back-to-basics projects. We want to inspire people to live, love and teach the handmade, homemade and heart-made lifestyle so they can raise their children in a creative home.

Please edit your articles accordingly before submission. Differences include ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’, ‘centre’ instead of ‘center’ and so on. Your submitted content should be more than 1500 words.

We don’t accept any other spammy website links in Guest Post. We reserve the right to not publish articles that do not meet our guidelines and edit articles as needed. Be well-researched and fully supported with numbers, metrics, and other statistical measurements of success. Also include not less than 10 links to reputable sources. Not be identical to any of the topics we have already written about.

Once we published the article, you cannot republish it to another website or blog. If we disapprove your submitted article only then you can post it to other websites. Ensure that your article is properly cited with relevant sources, quotes, data and supporting evidence. We only allow 1 link, with 1 other authoritative link to support your data. We will not be accepting any sites that are irrelevant. We are open to receive well written insightful articles from leaders in marketing and business.

Please submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch paired with an outline. We do not link to gambling, pharmaceutical or other undesirable sites. Please support your articles with convincing arguments, not just opinions.

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