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After completing the article, proofreading is a must. The information given in the Home and garden-related article should be to the point and straightforward. In case of personal information, you may opt out by using the link Do not sell my personal information. Articles previously published elsewhere are not allowed. Keywords used must be mentioned separately at the end of the article along with meta description.

What a lot of gardeners are looking for is ideas and inspiration. And little tips, tricks and secrets that can help them improve their garden without spending a lot of money. We don’t resell the same blog posts to any other business, and we don’t allow writers to spin or rewrite content you purchase to sell to another customer in the industry.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The below points state the requirements a writer should possess to write on our platform. Whenever you would like to improve your home and you have the idea to do that. You can send your guest post to our home improvement category.

To those great writers and content marketers on the landscaping, lawn care and gardening you can write for us. We are an online web portal that comes up with amazing articles based on daily surroundings. We focus on updating the global public with the latest surrounding. Our website publishes articles like product reviews, news, crypto, Home and garden, website reviews and much more. Our web portal is connected to the global audience.

We will reply to you after 5-10 hours and will let you know if you can submit your high-quality article. If the content seems attractive, people will share it with other groups and read it. You can also become a specialist in a particular subject and make proper relationships with the writer. The article must not promote any sites or should not contain any promotional links.

Today’s article will cover all the details about our writing chance. “How to” articles are what we are looking for.They have to be unique and not published elsewhere. Have you been looking for a High authority website to submit a guest post? If yes, Write for us – barbaraiweins is your best chooice. Welcome to Urban Splatter, the blog about eccentric luxury real estate and celebrity houses for the inquisitive fans interested in lifestyle and design. Also find the latest architecture, construction, home improvement and travel posts.

For additional, we also accept home design & decoration to those who would like to do guest posts. It would be our pleasure to accept it for you. Fine Gardening is a hands-on magazine for avid ornamental gardeners. We welcome proposals from gardeners, horticulturists, and garden designers who would like to share their experience with our readers.

Some women’s magazines buy garden writing, as do magazines aimed at the over-60s. If you’ve done, or are planning, a garden project – like a pond, decking or landscaping for example – you could use that as your starting point. Write up a step-by-step guide to what you did. Include a ‘shopping list’ of items that are required for the project, with estimated costs.

BackHome is a magazine that’s literally changing the lives of its readers. It’s changing the way we design and build our homes, prepare our food, raise and educate our children, earn our livelihood, and live our lives. Many say that BackHome has given them the knowledge and confidence to do much more for themselves and others. Since 1990, BackHome has been very much a hands-on and how-to publication, enjoyed by readers in fifty states and over twenty foreign countries. You send the article to us and we review it, we may ask for alterations or additions to meet our quality requirements. If it does not look like you will meet those requirements without us micro managing you we will not continue the process.

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