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Kindly do plagiarism checks before sending your article. If necessary, divide sections of your article using subheadings and use bullets or numbers in listing information for them to be easy to read. Demographically, our readers are well-educated and well-read, with most falling into the 55+ age group. Like us, our readers are interested in how simple items of craftsmanship, and the artisans who make them, raise deeper questions about quality, creativity, and the need to create a world built to last.


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Guest posts with links to websites unrelated to arts, crafts, party and lifestyle will not be accepted. We have an amazing and exciting group of writers contributing to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine but we are always on the lookout for new talent. Feature articles are usually assigned and scheduled far in advance, due to the deeper level of reporting and the time investment they require, for both contributors and ourselves. Despite all of this planning, scheduled articles sometimes fall through, so if you have a smart idea for a timely feature and the chops to deliver it quickly, we’d love to hear about it. If there are images you would like to include, please include a link in your article or send a file.

We do publish personal essays, interviews, reviews, reported stories, and memoir with a tie to an artwork, piece of music, or an everyday object. If there is meaning to be had in this world, our writers will find it. This paid opportunity is for freelance writers who want to write about the visual arts, performing arts, writing and publishing, arts management and other aspects of the creative industries. We are North America’s leading blog on Arts, Crafts, Party and Lifestyle.

It’s important that the content we promote and share aligns with our goals. Expect to talk with Teresa or Kate before you start writing and to have a closer relationship with them during the editing process. The following article types and editorial series are open to pitches. Follow-ups to to articles we’ve published, unless they add significant new value. Investigate, for example, what we love/hate about “flat” design, type design in Mexico, or the addition of business/entrepreneurship programs within art and design schools.

As explained in more detail in our editorial guidelines, we are always looking for new writers in the categories of art, music, design, film/stage, writing, microbusiness and community. These broad categories are intended to include coverage of all kinds of creative work such as photography, craft, product design, architecture, software design, music, sculpture, etc. We are also very interested in sharing stories about arts and community organizing.

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