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Similarly, we can add or remove internal and external links to add value for our audience. This version makes a few small bug fixes to work well with WordPress 3.8. This includes showing the screen options with some better formatting and deleting posts from the drafts drawer properly. The edcal_default_status property controls the default status for new posts in the calendar. The allowed values are draft, future, and pending for the statuses of Draft, Scheduled, and Pending Review respectively.

The calendar is now setting the correct post time for manual set times at noon or midnight instead of changing it by 12 hours. Moved around functions in the js and css to be a bit more readable, and added table of contents to css file. Fixed a memory leak in the calendar where the calendar doesn’t load if you have too many posts in your blog.


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Also, here is a Helper Plugin to display Custom Fields. It originally is designed for use with USP Pro, but also works great with the free version of USP. ThemeGrill Blog provides you with all WordPress and website trend related news. If you fulfill all the above-mentioned guidelines, please contact us by filling up the form below. We will try to get back to you instantly and let you know. We reject any article that does not fulfill or violate the guidelines mentioned under ‘Type of Content’ and ‘Quality of Content’.

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Our content is all about quality and it’s important we maintain consistency in the content we publish. Read on through the next sections, they are there to help you and increase your chances of having your content featured. If you don’t have an article idea, we can work with you to provide one. We’re storytellers writing to an audience of storytellers, so use your words and images carefully to draw people into a narrative that is interesting and engaging.

Added a few performance improvements to the calendar like making sure we only load our code in the admin console. We are now properly saving new posts in the drafts drawer in WordPress 3.5. The calendar now adds the category slugs for each post as a class for the line of that post in the calendar. The calendar is now doing a better job of reporting errors when it can’t parse the post information from the blog. This version adds support for Traditional Chinese.

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