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This is a brand new service we’re offering, so to test the waters, we’re only looking for new, high-quality creative content to showcase to our interested audience. You must own the rights to any digital media you submit to us. If your article has too many links, but the content is great, we might send it back and request you remove a few of the hyperlinks. If you article is a blatant link farm, it will probably be rejected outright. If your article includes statistics, please link to the source of the information.

However, the advice must be actionable, precise, and unambiguous. Social Media Today focuses on digital marketing by providing relevant and well-researched content. Emphasizing the latest news of the digital world is their key project. Engaging in their Twitter threads might help you feature in their work.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

They’re eager to know more about what is new in the IT world and learn about tips on how to go about the social media. Writing for us will give you a great opportunity to be part of that discussion. What we need from you is to provide our readers a fresh perspective on breaking news, developing IT trends and what’s going on in social media. Our illustrator takes care of the featured images, the Pinterest Pin, and the social media graphics we use to promote the post. Though penned by more than a dozen writers, all of our blog posts sound like they were written by Toggle the Pug, our official mascot.

Articles with over-optimized anchors, promotional links, or inappropriate links to pages that don’t feature informative content have a high tendency of being rejected. We have got pretty clear & detailed guidelines to make sure that the posts landing in our mailbox are worth publishing. (And we don’t have to spend hours on editing).

We prefer long-form in-depth blog posts, between 1000 to 1500 words. You can choose to write content that applies to the tour and activity industry as a whole, or you can focus your content on a specific vertical within the industry. If you have any other questions about writing for us or are ready to submit your article, reach out to us at . To learn more about the posts we write, you may read some of the most recent ones on our blog. The content will be distributed to our readers. To expand the post’s audience, we run email marketing.

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