A huge, untapped workforce is waiting.

Chances are, you know someone with a disability. And chances are, that person wants to work. 
‘Ability for Hire’ is about changing perceptions. It’s about seeing the ability in a person instead of the disability. When you do, the possibilities are endless. Share this message with someone you know today.

South Dakota & Dennis Daugaard take a stand!

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard's Employment First Initiative was inspired by his involvement with the National Governors Association (NGA).

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  • Small Business Tax Credit
  • Equal or Higher Job Performance
  • Higher Retention Rates
  • Experienced Problem Solvers

Hire Wisely: The Long-Term Effects of Employing People with Disabilities

January 16, 2017

Benefits to your business can come in many forms – whether it’s making the most of business tax credits or making staffing decisions with long-term benefits, a lot of the destiny of your company’s success lies in your hands.

Hiring people with disabilities is one of those decisions that can yield benefits for many years to come – here are some of them.

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The Untapped Workforce: 4 Stats That Prove Disability Education Brings a Bright Future

January 03, 2017

It’s been proven time and again how beneficial education can have on achieving your future  goals; especially, when it comes to your career. But what about for people with disabilities? It turns out there is a great number of statistics pointing to disability education as a valuable tool for boosting quality of life and work.

Here are four such stats proving disability education creates a brighter employment outlook for people with disabilities.

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Hiring People with Disabilities Can Improve Your Bottom Line

How Employing People with Disabilities Can Improve Your Bottom Line

December 21, 2016

It’s more than just “the right thing to do.” Hiring people with disabilities can work wonders for your profitability and your business’s growth. From encouraging fresh perspectives and creativity to ensuring you’re hiring the most qualified candidates for each of your positions, inclusive hiring improves your bottom line in more ways than one.

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